FCR Electrical & Mechanical LTD have launched a new brand name, Fylde Coast renewables.

Fylde Coast renewables mission is to help as many homes as possible in Blackpool and the Fylde Coast install energy saving measures which will help homeowners save money, hopefully lots of money!

FCR Electrical & Mechanical LTD have installed solar panels on and off over the years, although the savings to installation costs did not really tally up unless you considered the feed in tariffs, the feed in tariff have now been cut by Government to around 0.06p per kWH exported which doesn’t make financial sense when you are getting charged upwards of £0.30p per kWH of usage.

What has really sparked FCR’s mission to save Fylde Coast owners money is, I received a bill through the post from British gas for £1700!! My energy supplier had just gone bust (PFP ENERGY) and I had been swopped over to British Gas, I had paid my previous supplier by Direct debit every month and was in credit with them, British Gas have stated they know nothing of my credits and insist I pay the £1700.00. I have history with British Gas and swore never to be a customer of theirs again. So, here I was, an unplanned bill of £1700, my electricity prices had doubled and nowhere could I change energy suppliers as the surviving suppliers were not taking on new accounts.

So, one the Monday morning back in the office, I made it a mission to save money, stick two fingers up to British gas and be as independent from the energy suppliers as I could. Being an electrical contracting company, Solar panels are easy to install, we have access to different suppliers, so we got to work. We installed Solar panels and a battery storage unit and hot water diverter system to my property. This has saved around 705 of my electricity costs and cut down on my gas consumption due to the hot water diverter system. BINGO!! FY British Gas!

As I mentioned this to family and friends, they started to show interest and asked for quotations to have similar systems installed. We put some of our technicians on a Bpec solar installation course, including myself and have gained our MCS registration with NAPIT.

So here we are, Fylde Coast renewables was born! Our mission statement is simple. To provide Fylde Coast homeowners with quality, cost effective energy saving installations which will beat the energy suppliers and cut your household bills.

If you are like me and are sick and tired of energy costs spiralling out of control, please get in touch and speak to our Solar panel experts who will help save you from the energy robber barons! Click here for more information on Becoming your own mini power station https://www.fyldecoastrewires.co.uk/solar-panels/

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