PV or Photovoltaic panels convert direct sunlight into electrical DC energy. This energy can be used to power electrical items around your home or business or even stored in batteries. In England most Solar panels are installed on your properties roof.


FCR Electrical install full Solar panel installations across Blackpool and the Fylde Coast. A full solar panel system can include, solar panels and inverters, battery storage, immersion heating controls and elements and electric car charger points. Installing a Solar panel system can help with the following

  • Help with the cost of spiralling energy costs and lower your bills
  • Car your electric car helping to reduce your fuel costs
  • Help your home be independent from the energy suppliers
  • Help lower your carbon footprint which also helps the environment
  • Provide power to your home or business during energy cuts/blackouts

There is a Solar panel installation to suit all budgets and situations. Solar panels and the technology behind them is moving on in leaps and bounds and with the soaring costs of energy and threats of energy blackouts they represent a great return on investment

If you are considering adding Solar panels to your Fylde Coast home then click here https://www.fyldecoastrewires.co.uk/solarpanelsblackpool to find out how we can help