There are as you can imagine hundreds of different wiring accessories on the market such as double sockets, switches, pendants, and the like. Here we look at different brands and rate them from our own personal experience after fitting hundreds of different accessories.


These white plastic wiring accessories By Knightsbridge are pretty much industry standard for electrical installations in the UK if you are on a budget. This range is dependable and are hard wearing. They are a standard design with a square edge however they do have a thinner profile than some other brands such as the BG range of white wiring accessories. Our view, they are standard and dependable SCORE 6-10

  • BG 900 SERIES

The BG series are another popular budget range, you will of seen these sockets installed all over the place. This range of wiring accessories are square, chunky and in our view ugly. These will mostly be found in rental properties, budget hotels. They will give you an average performing wiring accessory but will deliver on price if you are working to a strict budget. This range of wiring accessories are available from most small wholesalers all the way up to the likes of Screwfix sourcing a matching replacement socket or switch is easy. With the above points in mind, I we would score these an average SCORE 5-10. Again, our view cheap, dependable but most of all very easy to source.


The Schneider Lisse range of wiring accessories are our favourite range of white plastic wiring accessories. They have a very sleek round edged look which gives them a classy feel and kind of mirrors the MK Logic range which are detailed below. They also have some nice touches such as the Schneider brand name in the bottom right-hand corner and have a red decal on the switch rockers. This is the range of accessories we fit as standard on all our installs, we have installed them on a £1m+ mansion in Cheshire and a two bedroomed electrical rewire in Blackpool. Of all the Schneider wiring accessories we have installed we have only ever had 1-2 items turn faulty within the manufacturers warranty period. The price point for these accessories is also at great value, slightly more expensive than the above-mentioned accessories they are cheaper than the MK Logic range but with the same classy sleek look. SCORE 9-10


The MKL Logic plus used to be THE benchmark wiring accessory, ask any Architect or QS and they will most probably spec this range of wiring accessory. If you look round any Government building such as a school or Council building, then no doubt these belters will be installed. The design features are slick and have a well-made feel about them. They are by far the most expensive range of white plastic wiring accessories we have reviewed here which is something to think about if you are on a budget for your installation. One thing we would point out from an installers point of view is that the connection terminals on the back of the sockets are not straight, this can cause issues with loose cable terminations which may only become apparent on completion of your installation during testing. This can cause significant time loss if you have many sockets or switches on the installation. Plus, points for this range are the sleek design, brand name and the sheer amount of installations within the UK these are installed in, negative points are the price and we feel poor terminals for cable terminations. With all these points in mind we give the MK Logic a SCORE 8-10


Taking all the points above and looking at the four different brands, we have reviewed different accessories for your different needs. If you are on a budget but also looking for a less prominent look then we would always opt for the Knightsbridge ML series, however our favourite range of wiring accessories and what we at Fylde Coast rewires would install on all our installations from rewiring a three bedroomed semi-detached to a Cheshire mansion would be the Schneider Lisse wiring accessory range. For us, these are tried and tested, and our past clients have loved the sleek and elegant look about them. Of course, our last point is if you are wiring a school or hospital then no doubt in our mind the MK Logic Plus would be the Architects choice.