There are different situations where you need to, or it makes sense to rewire your property. This week we are carrying out two electrical rewires which are in need of a full rewire for different reasons.

Our first rewire is on a three bedroomed detached bungalow over in Ingol near Preston. This property is about to undergo on a major property renovation due to the property lying empty for a while. It is obvious to the untrained eye that this property needs a full property rewire. As this property is about to undergo a full renovation the first job the owner is carrying out is the electrical rewire. Having your property rewired is one of the largest jobs that will need doing to a property, it can be messy, dusty, the floor boards will need to be lifted as well as carpets and walls chased. Rewiring your property whilst it is empty makes the most sense and is the most cost effective. Once the rewiring is completed the next stage of the renovation will be new heating installed and then onto the kitchen and plastering. This property will be fabulous once the renovation work is complete.


Our second property rewire is on a four bedroomed detached property in Lytham St Annes. The reason for this property needing a rewire is the property is due to be rented out, in April 2021 the law changed for rental properties, every rental property in England and Wales requires an in date EICR electrical inspection certificate. Sadly, this property had an unsatisfactory EICR report returned. The electrician who carried out the EICR referred Fylde Coast rewires to carry out the electrical rewiring.

One of the reasons Fylde Coast rewires have been referred for this job is that the property is currently lived in which leads to a different method of rewiring the property. As there are people living in the property, we must ensure that at no point in time the customers are left with no power. In order to do this, we need to rewire each circuit completing both the first and second fixing work within one day. Rewiring it this way, we ensure the customers are happy, they still have power, all their floorboards and carpets are fitted back in place each evening. Usually when rewiring a lived-in property, we only work between the hours of 8.30-4.30 Mon-Fri. This ties in with the school times. The outcome of rewiring this property will ensure that the Landlords will have a satisfactory EICR electrical certificate issued on completion. Also the Landlord receives a full and un limited 12 month Guarantee which helps with any electrical call outs that may be needed in the first 12 months.