25 May 2022


There are different situations where you need to, or it makes sense to rewire your property. This week we are carrying out two electrical rewires which are in need of a full rewire for different reasons.

Our first rewire is on a three bedroomed detached bungalow over in Ingol near Preston. This property is about to undergo on a major property renovation due to the property lying empty for a while. It is obvious to the untrained eye that this property needs a full property rewire. As this property is about to undergo a full renovation the first job the owner is carrying out is the electrical rewire. Having your property rewired is one of the largest jobs that will need doing to a property, it can be messy, dusty, the floor boards will need to be lifted as well as carpets and walls chased. Rewiring your property whilst it is empty makes the most sense and is the most cost effective. Once the rewiring is completed the next stage of the renovation will be new heating installed and then onto the kitchen and plastering. This property will be fabulous once the renovation work is complete.


Our second property rewire is on a four bedroomed detached property in Lytham St Annes. The reason for this property needing a rewire is the property is due to be rented out, in April 2021 the law changed for rental properties, every rental property in England and Wales requires an in date EICR electrical inspection certificate. Sadly, this property had an unsatisfactory EICR report returned. The electrician who carried out the EICR referred Fylde Coast rewires to carry out the electrical rewiring.

One of the reasons Fylde Coast rewires have been referred for this job is that the property is currently lived in which leads to a different method of rewiring the property. As there are people living in the property, we must ensure that at no point in time the customers are left with no power. In order to do this, we need to rewire each circuit completing both the first and second fixing work within one day. Rewiring it this way, we ensure the customers are happy, they still have power, all their floorboards and carpets are fitted back in place each evening. Usually when rewiring a lived-in property, we only work between the hours of 8.30-4.30 Mon-Fri. This ties in with the school times. The outcome of rewiring this property will ensure that the Landlords will have a satisfactory EICR electrical certificate issued on completion. Also the Landlord receives a full and un limited 12 month Guarantee which helps with any electrical call outs that may be needed in the first 12 months.

12 May 2022

Two Bedroomed Semi-Detached Electrical Rewire In Manchester

This week we have carried out a full electrical rewire of a two bedroomed semi-detached house over in Droylsden in Manchester.

This property had originally failed an EICR electrical inspection. The owner had put off and put off the work due to being worried about the stress, mess and upheaval of the work. We are happy to report that we have completed the electrical rewire in three days and put the customers mind at ease. The floors and carpets were put back and restored every evening along with tidying and hoovering the carpets at the end of each day.

Our customer now has a safe and secure home with the minimum of disruption. The rewire was completed in full including the issue of certificates within three days.

Are you worried about having your property rewired? Fell free to ask us any question on rewiring your property

04 May 2022


Last week Fylde Coast rewire’s had been contracted to carry out an apartment electrical rewire over in Lytham St Annes. As far as electrical rewires are concerned, this was a tricky project.

FCR Originally carried out an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) when the owner had first bought this property. On completion of the EICR, it was noted that there was no earthing on the sockets, this was mainly due to the circuits being wired in Pyro. Pyro was in it’s day a great cable, it is durable, fireproof and hard waring, sadly, just like ourselves this does not last. With the amount of remedial works required to bring the installation up to a safe and current standard, it was more cost effective to rewire the property.

The biggest obstacle to rewiring this property was the solid concrete floors and ceilings the only option was to chase around the top of each room, the wiring regulations B.S.7671 state that the top 150mm of each room is a designated cable zone, this allows you to run your cables around the top of the rooms whilst keeping within the wiring regulations. The wiring regulations also state that a cable zone can run from floor to ceiling within a corner of a room, again keeping to the 150mm wide chase. So, this is how we installed the cables, there was a lot of chasing and dust, dust was kept to a minimum by only chasing one room at a time and tidying and vacuuming the rooms on completion.

The rewire was completed in four days excluding the second fixing of the bathroom and kitchen, this was due to the kitchen and bathroom not being installed when the rewire was completed, we will call back in two weeks to complete the second fix work.

09 Apr 2022




Pricing your electrical rewire is relatively quick and easy once you know your requirements such as

  • How many sockets
  • How many downlights
  • Does your garage need rewiring?
  • Will you be living in the property?
  • What is the fabric of the building?
  • Are the floors solid or floorboards?

Once you have the above information, Fylde Coast rewires can quickly and effortlessly create a personal quotation within 24 hours of a 30-minute property survey.

Typical property rewire prices are below











How to request an electrical rewire quote?

Fylde Coast rewires can offer a quick and efficient electrical rewire quotation within 24 hours of visiting your property. Your electrical rewire quotation will be clear, easy to understand and guaranteed. To arrange a quote, fill in our free consultation request and we will book you in for a quotation.

09 Apr 2022


Following on from a recent EICR inspection at this property, one of the recommendations was to upgrade the current consumer unit (fuse boxes) to 18th edition metal clad dual RCD consumer units.

Carrying out this work would bring the installation up to the current B.S 7671 wiring regulations, the work was also received well by the tenants which gave them peace of mind that the property and the landlord was keeping the installation safe and up to date.

Once the work was agreed by the landlord, Fylde Coast rewires liaised with the tenants to book the work in with the minimum amount of disruption and disturbance. In total there was to be 8 consumer units replaced along with some fault finding and remedial works that had also been uncovered during the initial EICR inspection.

The day before the work was to commence, an FCR representative offered the tenants a booking option over the two days the work was expected to be carried out, on the first day FCR replaced five of the eight consumer units. On the second day, the final three consumer units were installed along with the remedials.

Now the work has been completed, Fylde Coast rewires are able to offer installation certificates for each consumer unit along with the relevant Part P documents and an up dated EICR certificate.

It is important as a landlord to keep your property up to a good standard and also within any current regulations, since April 2021, it is compulsory for a landlord to carry out an Electrical Installation Condition report every Five years or less. If you are a landlord and need any advice on the current electrical regulations, you may need to adhere to then please get in touch. We are only too happy to help

18 Jun 2020

Full electrical rewire of a three bedroom bungalow in Fleetwood

Full electrical rewire of a three bedroom bungalow in Fleetwood – 10 HOVE AVENUE FLEETWOOD

This was our next rewire project after completing 18A Leys Road. This bungalow had been surveyed just prior to lock down in March and the electrical installation had been flagged as needing attention. We had been contacted by our client initially to provide a full electrical inspection. Instead of paying for a full inspection, due to the age of the installation our client took advantage of our free electrical visual inspection. This is a free 30-minute visual inspection where we identify any major issues which may result in needing an electrical rewire. We deemed it sensible to rewire this property as the owner was planning on redecorating and installing a new kitchen and flooring throughout.

With this job our client had requested something a little different from our standard electrical rewire and requested down lights to be installed in the hallway and kitchen and some nice outside lights to the front and back of the property which will enhance the new rendering when this has been completed.

We completed the work including the plastering of the chases in five days which pleased our client as she had other trades waiting to come in behind us and make a start of the other work. Whilst in discussion with our client she was struggling to get a plasterer and kitchen fitter so we put her in contact with some of our team that we work with on a regular basis, this has allowed her to progress the work in her home and get closer to moving in.

Having had her property fully rewired we are in sound mind that she will have trouble free electrics for the next 10 years when her next electrical inspection is due. Having used Fylde Coast rewires for her installation she also has the added bonus of moving onto our unlimited 12 month Warranty cover giving her extra piece of mind.

Take a look at our electrical rewiring page for Fleetwood and surrounding areas.

16 Jun 2020

Full electrical rewire of a 3 bedroom detached house in Blackpool

Full electrical rewire of a 3 bedroomed detached house – 18A Leys Road Blackpool

Having spent most of the last 10 weeks providing an emergency electrical breakdown only service due to the dreaded Corona virus, Boris Johnson gave the nod to trades to go back to work. We spent over four days sourcing various hand gels, facemasks, gloves and PPE required to ensure our sites were safe to start work. PPE sourced and we were finally ready to start our first post lockdown electrical rewire.

This rewire was an extremely important project to us as the owner of the property was a dear lady who was 91 years old. Sadly during lock-down she had been taken into a nursing home, the lady really wanted to return home where she felt safe. Social services had deemed her electrical installation unsafe after having them inspected by another contractor.

Fylde Coast rewires were contracted to provide a full electrical rewire to the property in an as efficient time as possible which would also include a full electrical rewire, the lowering of the dining room ceiling, all plastering including the skimming of the new lowered ceiling and painting of the plaster chases and ceiling. To finalise the work we provided a deep clean on completion which made her property ready to move back into.

We completed this project in full within eight days from start to finish. This would have been quicker if our regular plasterer had not just had a baby and was off on maternity leave and sourcing plaster was so difficult. Who would of thought there is only one producer producing most of the UK’s plaster supplies?

On completion the installation was signed off and inspected by social services, we are pleased to announce our customer is now back home, in the comfort of her own home where she belongs.

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