FCR were contracted by North Country Leisure to upgrade the sub mains to the original side of the caravan park.

This project started off tricky as the supply cables were buried in the ground and we did not have the exact locations of the buried cables.

With some great help from the park manager Mark, we expertly pinpointed the cables. The supply cables all required extending as the new site mains cabinet was being moved to a more suitable location.

Once the main cables had been extended Ash and Charlie installed the new mains cabinet in the ground, this involved some concrete, uni-strut and some brut strength as these cabinets are not the lightest.

Inside the cabinet we installed a 16-way Schneider single phase consumer unit https://www.se.com/uk/en/work/products/product-launch/easy9/ , the site chose Schnieder as the rest of the park have Schneider installed and it is a very reliable brand.

Each van was protected by a 16-amp 30 milliamp RCBO. On this site, the client prefers to have the caravan meters installed inside the site cabinets as opposed to installing them within the caravan meter boxes. Ash installed the meters nice and neatly within the cabinet.

Time was not on our side for this installation as the site had to have the power restored and up and running by 5.00pm as had been agreed with the lodge owners, we managed to switch the site back on with around 30mins spare time.

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You need to add a widget, row, or prebuilt layout before you’ll see anything here. 🙂

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