This week Fylde Coast rewires have started the week with a rewire of a two bedroomed bungalow in Poulton. Our client had contacted FCR as she was concerned with the state of the current wiring in the property. At the time our customer was not sure if she s going to sell the property or keep it for the long term. Either way, the properties electrics need to be safe.

After calling to look at the installation and provide a written quotation we did notice a few issues, the main concern for ourselves was the fact that the lighting circuits had no cpc (circuit protective conductor) or earth conductor. This could be potentially dangerous if any of the light fittings or light switches are metal, the reason for this is if there is a fault on the circuit and the metal casing becomes live under these fault conditions then there is the potential for a full 230v electric shock. Not good! Here is a link to the professional electrician magazine for an article on lighting cpc’s /

There were also some issues with the power sockets and many junction boxes under the floors, this would not always present as a problem, however during the winter months when we get a lot of rain on the Fylde Coast then there is a potential to cause the RCD to trip, this usually happens in November during the night! Also, the sockets were not in the correct places for ease of use for our client, it is quicker to rewire the socket circuits and this has also given peace of mind to our client.

Example of Junction boxes that can be found under floors

During the rewiring process, our client will remain in the property for the duration so we will ensure that there is no loss of power, and all floorboards and carpets are put back each night.

The consumer unit in the property is a metal split load consumer unit and meets current wiring standards and so we will not be replacing this, this helps to keep the costs within budget.

The rewire is expected to last four days and will be fully rewired, plastered chases and tested before completion.

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